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I fell in love with cakes at an early age. As a young man I started playing around in the kitchen, now 15 years later KSR and Cakes is a full-blown business that includes floral design and decorating. I’ve created hundreds of cakes for a variety of events, including celebrity cakes for Treg Songz, Ms. April (Trey Songz' mother), Erica Dixon and DJ Babey Drew from Love and Hip-Hop and Wendy Raquel-Robinson from The Game. 


I launched this company 5 years ago, and since then things have really taken off. Why? Because KSR and Cakes is all about the client. I want you to have a first-class experience when planning your event that allows every detail to be yours.


You deserve a cake that tastes, looks and feels like you.

Kamaal S. Rollins

Notice: Due to Covid-19, masks MUST be worn during order pickup or drop-off.
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